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All data collect on the platform are available in the reporting database . Information can also be import to an Excel file connect to the database. The report database is an excellent basis for generating individual statistics reports . The use of the database own algorithms for counting statistics allows for effective supervision of the work of campaigns agents. A database prepar in this way can be connect to Business Intelligence class systems ( PowerBI) us to create your own metrics any attractive data visualizations. What is Business Intelligence? It is the process of transforming data collect from various systems for analytical purposes . In this process, data becomes information information becomes knowlge.

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This way supports the cision-making process in the company. Lack of analytics can be costly. Due to the lack of knowlge, you lose customers, you do not use the potential of your team , it is difficult for you to intify weak points in processes therefore Ghana Mobile Number List you cannot fix them effectively. This may not be obvious to you on a daily basis, especially when you are achieving satisfactory results, but it becomes evint in a crisis situation. Knowlge is certainly the best means to fight not only crisis events, but also a long-term crisis. Customer Success is one of the most popular velopment opportunities in today’s business. also an effective way to minimize the so-call.

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That proactively responds to customer nes. But it is not everything. It is not from today that parting customers give entrepreneurs sleepless nights. The so-call churn, lost customers, is one of the most hat phenomena in companies, especially those BTC Database EU that offer their services in the IT industry in the SaaS mol . From the company’s point of view, the subscription or subscription style of fees for services has an unniable disadvantage – the service recipient can usually resign from the provir’s services at any time , having an easy insight into other solutions on the market, he can easily ci to switch to the competition . here comes the space for the Customer Success partment.

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