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If necessary refer the problem to but monitor the process yourself, especially when it comes to your regular customer. A close relationship with the client and his trust is of great value. Solve the problem Gather all the necessary information from the client, focus on the facts, put asi the emotions that distort the view of the situation and try to solve the problem. Try to solve the problem or find someone qualifi to do it if you can’t do it yourself. If solving a customer’s problem is not part of your job responsibilities, never tell them. Gather all the information about the situation and then, step by step, scribe to the client how you can help him. Finally, don’t make empty promises.

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If you feel compell to do so, get help from se, is calmer and, above all, has cision-making power in the situation. How can a manager support an Estonia Mobile Number List employee in aling with a difficult client? Managers must ci for themselves when to intervene in the relationship between the employee and the client and take control. The manager should intervene immiately if the client is not only difficult but behaves offensively or aggressively. It is important that the manager’s intervention does not put the employee or the company in a bad light.

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Customer takes place over the phone – a good contact center system should have the function of eavesdropping and prompting – in this way the consultant can talk to the customer and use direct suggestions from the manager or a more BTC Database EU experienc consultant listening to the conversation. He can also use a conversation script to keep him on track and remember the most important things. In this way, the most common problematic situations can be alt with procurally. The manager should also take into account that frequent contact with difficult customers and potential customers is a heavy psychological burn for employees.

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