E Commerce On The Upward Trend


E-commerce or electronic commerce is the trading of products or services using computer networks or the internet.

E-commerce itself has many types and ways of application.

B2b : business to business – websites like alibaba.Com are examples of b2b e-commerce applications
B2c : business to consumer – web pages such as the apple store are examples of b2c e-commerce applications
C2c : consumer to consumer – web pages such as bahana.My are examples of c2c e-commerce applications

This e-commerce application can grow to become increasingly complex such as b2b2c as applied by marketplace websites such as lazada, lelong, rakuten, and the like.

E-commerce on the upward trend

E-commerce is on the rise worldwide. In the united states, which is said to be 5-10 years ahead of malaysia, e-commerce is still on the rise.

It gives the impression that the e-commerce cell phone number list trend in malaysia still has at least 5-10 to continue to remain on the upward trend.

E-commerce market size in malaysia

In 2011, nielsen & paypal expected the e-commerce market in malaysia to be worth rm5.76 billion , with rm1.58 billion for physical products traded online.

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E-commerce practices in malaysia

Day by day, more and more companies are starting to venture into the field of e-commerce. Some open their own shopping cart websites and some join marketplace websites such as lazada, lelong, rakuten and so on.

Make sure your family and closest friends know they can buy product x with you. They already trust and know you better. You no longer need to build trust like you do to sell to strangers.

Update personal facebook status

Our friends on facebook usually consist BTC Database EU of various backgrounds. Some we know closely, some we know not so closely, even people we don’t know at all.

General status updates are as follows;

Peace be upon you. Is there anyone interested in buying product x? I can give a special price. If interested, you can pm or contact me via whatsapp: 01x-xxx xxxx.

3. Advertise in the whatsapp group

We definitely have whatsapp groups, whether it’s a group for family, old school friends, workplace gossip friends, housing estate groups, mosque groups and the like.

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