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 [32] In 1821, Mexico became independent of Spain, and the Gulf region became part of the province of Alta California, Mexico. This period was characterized by pasture life and visiting American hunters. [33] However, Mexico’s control of the territory is short-lived. In 1846, a group of settlers occupied Sonoma Square and declared the new Republic of California independent. [33] In the same year, the US-Mexico War broke out.

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US captain John Barrion Montgomery drove the aircraft carrier   new data    Portsmouth into the Gulf and occupied San Francisco (, then called Verbena), and The American flag was raised for the first time on Portsmouth Square. [34] San Francisco Port during California’s gold rush. In 1848, James W. Marshall discovered a gold mine on the American River, which triggered California’s gold rush. Within half a year, 4,000 people were digging along the river and could spend $50,000 a day.

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39] With the end of the gold rush, the wealth generated by the gold rush activities led to the establishment of the Bank of Rich Countries and the Bank of California, and the migrant workers attracted by the wealth commitment  BTC Database EU  changed the demographic composition of the area. The construction of the first railway across the mainland from Auckland’s Long Wharf attracted so many Chinese workers that by 1870, 8% of San Francisco’s population was Asian.

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