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I immiately think of three: SEO can be analyz with Semrush; Email Marketing is great with RD Station ; And measuring User Experience (UX) is a breeze The quality on Hotjar. But there’s no point in using one of these great analysis tools if you don’t take my tip in the indicator benefits section seriously: context is king ! Essential Digital Marketing Tools for your strategy How to interpret Metrics and Indicators correctly (and other details to keep an eye on!) Regardless of which metric or indicator is being monitor, the interpretation nes to be qualitative.

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This means that each category must be analyz according to the business objective! For example: if your company wants to increase sales to special data higher-paying customers, how will you identify leads with greater purchasing power among the public? It will be necessary to interpret other metrics and indicators that can give clues about the purchasing power of leads and segment them to receive campaigns that extract the maximum possible results.

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Analyzing each lead engagement channel separately is important because of this. The more measurements of specific lead behaviors, the more filters the company will have to capture the right type of customer it nes — when it nes it! The  BTC Data Baseas participation of technology in this process has never made so much difference! Increase your results in Digital Marketing! Speaking of technology, as a CEO, I know it’s not easy to stay on top of all the new developments emerging on the market. Selling more while wasting less is the great benefit of monitoring metrics and checking Digital Marketing indicators, but not every company prioritizes this.

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