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 [35] The promise of huge wealth quickly caused a large number of people seeking wealth to flock to the Sartre Mill. As laborers, clerks, waiters, and servants joined the gold rush, the population of the Bay Area was quickly emptied, and California’s first newspaper, the 《 California newspaper, 》, was also forced to declare a temporary freeze due to labor shortages. New issue. [35] By the end of 1849, the news had spread all over the world.

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New immigrants poured into the Bay Area at a rate of 1,000 people per week to the inland   new database  California area of [35], including the first large influx of Chinese immigrants [ ] The ship’s boom is so great that,Hundreds of ships in the port of San Francisco were abandoned. [37] The unprecedented influx of new immigrants has made the new government authorities thin, and the military cannot stop deserters. As a result, many self-defense forces were established to maintain order, but many people’s task was to forcibly move or kill local Native Americans to the end of the gold rush, and two-thirds of the indigenous population was killed.

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[38] San Jose is the first state council building after California joined the Federation in 1850. At the same time, a constitutional conference  BTC Database EU  was held to determine California’s application to join the United States. After gaining statehood, the capital moved between the three cities in the Bay Area: San Jose (1849-1851), Vallejo (1851-1852) and Beynesia (1852-1853), then permanently settled in Sacrament in 1854. [

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