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[The construction of the 40] railway connects the Gulf region with the rest of the United States, establishes a truly national goods trade market, and accelerates the urbanization process in the region. [41] Historical images of damaged and destroyed buildings after the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 Buildings damaged after the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 In the early hours of April 18, 1906, a large earthquake near San Francisco hit the area.

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 [42] The estimated number of direct casualties in the US Army rescue operation is 498 in San   latest database  Francisco, 64 in Santa Rosa, and 102 in and around San Jose, for a total of about 700. Recent research estimates that the total number of deaths exceeded 3,000 and more than 28,000 buildings were destroyed. [43] The reconstruction work began immediately. Amadeo Peter Giannini (Amadeo Peter Giannini), the Italian bank ( is now known as the owner of the Bank of America )) [ before the fire in the city.

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The bank’s treasury retrieved funds and played an important role in lending funds for reconstruction work>44] Congress immediately approved the plan to build a reservoir in the Hechich Valley of Yosemite National Park. The plan was rejected by Congress a few years ago. The plan now provides drinking water to 2.4 million people   BTC Database EU  in the Bay Area. By 1915, the city had been fully rebuilt and promoted to the world at the Panama Pacific Expo that year, although the impact of the earthquake accelerated the loss of the region’s dominant position in California.

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