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A dissatisfi customer will quickly pour out his grievances on the company’s Facebook fan page. For this reason, it is important that entrepreneurs treat information incom via electronic channels in at least the same way as they react today to a customer call the helpline and respond to them with the highest quality of service. Possibility to contact the supplier’s company via e-mail, web,Internet chat or social network sites is a nod to customers and a response to their expectations. One can even be tempt to say that an entrepreneur who does not launch multi-channel communication for his clients may lose them to competitors who will have such an opportunity. TREND NO. – SOCIAL MIA CARE Accord to research by.

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Around the world were survey percent. of companies have their own websites, percent. of companies use e-mail and as many as percent. of companies use social mia to communicate with the environment. Communication via social mia, Facebook or Sweden Phone Numbers List Twitter, should not only be one-sid publish of information and advertisements by enterprises, but above all active communication with customers and respond to entries. Social MiaCare, customer service through social mia, should answer customer questions, interact with them and help solve their problems. All this while maintain high-quality responses, reliability, cribility and equal treatment of all.

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Customers and their comments

Worth thank for praise, but also react with a substantive response to complaints and negative posts. Already in , reports (includ Genesys) on the impact of customer service quality on customer behavior towards the brand show quite disturb results. The BTC Database EU research show, among others, that % of consumers cid to end cooperation with a given company precisely because of the unsatisfactory level of customer service. Of these people, as many as % went to the competition, while % should be consir customers completely lost to the market, WHAT’S NEXT TO CUSTOMER SERVICE? Professional customer service us various communication channels, includ Social Mia Care, strengthens the brand image and improves its quality.

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