Must Have List for Online Traders in 2018

Pejam celik, we have entered the new year 2018. What are our plans as online traders in this new year?

New year, new resolution, new spirit, sales target must be new.

In this post I will list what traders must have starting this year 2018.

1. Website
It doesn’t matter what form the website takes, the most must-have for 2018 is a website. I’ve been doing business online for years but I don’t even have a website yet.

Do not rely too much on facebook & instagram. Create a website for our online identity.

It doesn’t matter if the website is in the form of a blog, portfolio website, ecommerce or whatever. The important thing is to have your own domain, & hosting.

The same content that we put on facebook, also put it on the website. Later, the search engine robot will scan our website and show relevant results on the search engine when someone searches for keywords that match what we wrote.

In this way, we will get traffic for free and the possibility of sales coming in for free without paid ads!

In 2018, I recommend collecting a prospect database.

This database is just enough data for name email & telephone number

There are many ways to collect this database.

Automatic method – create a landing page in the form of a squeeze page to ask the prospect to enter their name, email & phone number (made using mailchimp)
Manual method – if the automatic method is too complex for us, do it manually. Copypaste data from whatsapp & facebook messenger into excel phone lists for sale and sort by name, email & phone number
3. Database customer
When the prospect has made a purchase (paying to get a product or service), transfer him to the customer database. Again this can be done automatically and manually as above.

4. Content marketing
The no.1 problem about content marketing that causes many people to be lazy is that it is a long-term strategy. Many people are not interested in long-term strategies. People, if you can do it this morning, you will get results later in the evening. That’s why it’s hard for our business to grow. We play short term. Other people’s business can be big because they play long term.

As I said earlier when you have a website

Put quality content that our potential BTC Database EU customers are looking for into the website.

5. Video
As the years change, internet access by malaysians increases, internet speed also increases. Now malaysians like to watch videos on social media or youtube. It is more visual and easy to digest than content in the form of text.

So online traders can take a ride on this trend of showing the value of a product or service using video. For me, it is a must have in 2018. 1 product must have at least 1 video to explain its value.

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