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It also means that you may come into contact with different work cultures. Americans, Germans and Japanese approach business differently. Work with a Polish company, you know what to expect, it is also harr to make mistakes and blunrs result from cultural differences. Finally, when us the Polish ticket system, you receive all ongo support and train in Polish – again, you don’t ne to look for a translator and you avoid errors in unrstand . The ticket system in Polish will facilitate unrstand and spe up work The ticket system creat in Poland by a Polish company will have the entire service panel in Polish.

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Will unrstand it immiately and will be able to use it right away. Translations of foreign ticket systems into Polish often simply limp, because such systems are a specific industry, requir both technical and customer service knowlge from the Venezuela Mobile Number List translator. All this means that the terminology in the translation of the system may differ from that commonly us in the industry , which makes work difficult and may cause misunrstands. Also remember that work with the ticket system requires the consultant to get to know the system and absorb a lot of knowlge – procures, terminology, how to talk to the client, etc. By us the Polish system, you eliminate the language barrier, which will facilitate and accelerate the onboard of new consultants.

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The system in for example, the English version, your consultants still serve the client in Polish . How many of your people are bilual enough to be able to freely “jump” between English and Polish? And with the system in front of them in English, won’t they BTC Database EU instinctively start us incomprehensible English terminology in conversations with the client? – “We will merge your tickets and reschule them to another partment, you will get the status of update messag on a regular basis.” *) *) You can say that we are do exactly the same right now when we write about the “ticket system”. But we are in the same industry and we are confint that you will unrstand us.

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