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Service-based businesses are usually suitable for those of you who have specific expertise in a specific field. For example, you are good at building websites. You can offer website building services at a certain price to interested customers.

It is definitely not limited to online business alone. If you are good at cutting hair, for example, you can start a small haircut service at your place.

Content marketing is something very important especially in today’s digital world. Business people are usually busy with business matters from. A to z and do not have time to prepare content to update. Social media accounts or company blogs. So I see that content marketing service providers have. A large market to increase engagement. Between a company and their customers.

Business based on physical products

The physical product business is gaining ground among local entrepreneurs lately. Some have started selling beauty products, health products, supplement products, fashion products, hair & sideburn care products and the like.

Physical product business also usually free telemarketing leads consumes quite a lot of capital depending on the type and way you do business.

There are 2 ways you can run a physical product business;

A. Sell people’s products – different from dropship & affiliate business, selling people’s products here means that you become a sales agent who keeps stock from suppliers and manages all aspects of the business afterwards including product delivery and customer service. Usually this kind of business is called a sales agent or stockist. There is also the concept of taking stock on credit (in debt), taking stock on consignment (paying only for products sold) or buying cash (at a special discount price).

You can try to see the list of companies and contacts

You to manage all aspects of the business from a to z. I mean from product development, product storage (inventory), marketing, product sales (sales), aspects of profit and loss ( accounting) and customer service (customer service).

Business idea 6: get products on alibaba.Com
As you all know, alibaba.Com is a BTC Database EU merchant’s paradise. It brings us closer to the owners of product manufacturing factories operating in china. Do research on what product you want to develop, then search for a suitable supplier on alibaba.Com (choose suppliers with gold supplier status only). We can custom make the products produced by placing our own branding logo for branding purposes.

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