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After customers publish letters they receiv as part of bt collection activities in , a real scandal broke out. The reason for this was their pretend legal authorship. It turn out that the lawyers sign unr the letters … did not exist at all. The corresponnce was therefore a clever bluff , which, however, cost the company very arly. Wonga had to pay more than £ . m in damages to , distress customers. Subsequently, the British government limit the company’s income through regulations, impos greater liability on loan companies and limits on loan prices . Interestly, the Polish branch of the company is do quite well. Its authorities ensure that problems in the UK should not affect domestic customers in any way.

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Branch is a good warn for the future also for the Polish market. Take care of the btor It is known that bt collection is a rather thankless job and btors do not react positively to it. Any contact regard bt repayment is most likely ignor. Nevertheless Chile Mobile Number List it is worth tak care of its proper course, if only so that the btor cannot harm us later. Aggressive actions will not br results, but they can result in unpleasant consequences, as shown by the example of Wonga. Instead of mess around, let’s take care of the proper organization of our contacts with borrowers . Appropriate tools for multi-channel communication can help.

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Assign status to a given call information

About the btor with whom we are talk ( name, surname, address, PESEL number, etc.) and the plann further actions towards it makes manag calls easier, which significantly shortens the bt collection work. Loan as proof, but whose? Another serious BTC Database EU problem present in this industry is intity theft . As the people al with this business admit, this fact must be especially careful. Loan companies very often have to create special fraud and fraud monitor partments to prevent fraud. After all, to take out a loan, you do not ne to send a scan of your ID, just personal data is enough.

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