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By changes, “digital transformation” means the implementation of new technologies in three basic steps: chang the business mol bas on new technologies acquir customers through new communication channels sign a new customer experience. Digital revolution and what next? What do these three steps really mean? Accord to EY research, both in bank and in the insurance industry, customers have velop more complex nes: they want not only to use mobile channels freely , but also expect more frequent and personaliz communication from the service provir . Customers use various vices and want to be able to safely manage their finances or insurance services remotely and mobile (accord to EY, this is already % of customers.

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Of users switch vices when us financial services . Meet these nes allows us to maintain a constant relationship with the client, profil to meet his requirements. Financial and insurance industry. To each accord to their nes Above all , however , the Colombia Mobile Number List expectations of customers in relation to the quality of service have increas . With the ability to find services online, customers search and compare compet services and can easily switch . There is already talk about the future of customer relations – the phenomenon of hyperpersonalization of services as a strategy to keep the customer with you – collect and gather information from various channels and creat tailor-ma offers.

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Customers will still be maintain their loyalty by provid them with a satisfactory level of service and availability of services. Accord to the McKinsey report improv the quality of customer service (customer experience) increases the probability of BTC Database EU purchas or extend the service by to % . So there is someth to fight for. A bit of technique… How does this relate to Polish conditions? Regardless of whether we are al with the B B or B C sector in the domestic financial and insurance industry , we can outline the fundamental problems that await effective technical solutions.

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