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DocuSign significantly accelerates the signing of documents in your company, from contracts to quotes. The main features of DocuSign are Generating contracts with data from Salesforce (the plugin has a database of readyma document templates); archiving sign documents; Sending contracts to be sign by the client/partner (sent documents can be sign on a computer or mobile vice); Automatic generation of sales documents. image source docusign/solutions/salesforce CONGA COMPOSER It is an application that facilitates the creation of various types of company documents valuations, contracts, invoices, reports, charts, inventory statements, etc.

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Microsoft Office, so they can be us even by people who do not have access to Salesforce. How is Conga different from Office? First of all, it uses the data stor in the CRM, thanks to which the creation of personaliz offers and other documents Bulgaria Mobile Number List for a specific person/company is much faster. Conga also helps in the standardization of files and their subsequent shipment to customers. image source Do sales representatives in your company often travel to and meet with customers at their companies or homes? If so, then Map Plotter will finitely come in handy. This plugin allows you to Locating agents and customers on Google Maps; Locating custom objects on Google Maps; Mapping customer locations and planning optimal access routes.

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Your stination ( weather or nearby amenities). It can also be integrat with maps on your smartphone. Map Plotter will be perfect wherever agents operate in the field and the company serves clients locat in different parts of the country and even the BTC Database EU world. image source a While Map Plotter is useful when organizing live meetings with clients, Click Dial is the perfect solution for companies that communicate over the phone . CTI Salesforce will prove itself in every call contact center, from insurance companies to telecommunications operators. The extension provid by Focus Telecom allows you to make, receive and record calls directly through Salesforce.

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