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Because this is how this ranking factor is call by specialists – determines the time necessary to complete a specific request sent by a network user. We are talking here, about clicking on one of the tabs plac on the website the portal’s response time to such action. In this case, the coefficient is measur in milliseconds. To get a good rating from the Google algorithm , you ne to achieve a result of less than 100 ms. The range from 100 ms to 300 ms is consider acceptable, but it requires improvement intervention of specialists, all reactions above 300 ms receive a negative evaluation from Googlebot.

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Indicators verifi since August 2021 is visual stability of the website. Here we are dealing with the assessment of the occurrence of shifts of  website elements during its loading . According to Google’s algorithms, the regular occurrence of Phone Number List such irregularities may cause a web user to click on a banner or advertisement against their will, play unwant video material or end up on a subpage they did not want to visit at first. Such behavior of your portal is perceiv as negative may cause you to leave the virtual thresholds faster.

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Between zero one Your site scor below You have reasons to be happy. When can you start worrying? If the Googlebot verification yields a value BTC Database EU between or above 0.25 on the Google scale ore Web Vitals SEO. How will the CWV update affect Google rankings? The introduction of the Google Page Experience update, thus also web metrics, is an extremely important, but at the same time not very invasive change . Those who expect a real revolution a repeat of the Bloody Saturday of may be a bit surpris. Pay attention to how the competitor’s website menu is structur  what elements are available after 1-2 clicks.

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