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Senuto other such tools analyze the current state of your website. So does not correctly describe the offer, it may turn out that the competition in the search results will be determin incorrectly – because it is bas on the keywords for which your website is visible in Google. The effect is very often that the topic is omitt because “stupid things came out”, in fact it is a very important conclusion – the problem lies in the incorrect optimization of the website. How to analyze the competition in such a situation? You should scan the pages of competitors that are visible in Google for the phrases you are interest in. This method will also work if you are just creating your own website are at the stage of market research.

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SEO competition analysis An example screen of competitor analysis in Senuto I have no competition! That’s great? If your offer is so innovative modern that it is ahead of market trends there is no competition on the horizon, then we USA Phone Number List do not have good news for you. There is a chance that a typical competitor analysis will show nothing.However, this is not a reason to be happy, but rather a conclusion that no one is looking for your products or services in their current form. Don’t worry, it also doesn’t mean that your business doesn’t make sense – it just requires a different approach.

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In such a situation you should focus on the nes that your offer satisfies. Thanks to this, you will be able to find companies that, perhaps through a different offer, but certainly effectively reach your potential customers. Perhaps it will be necessary to change the way in which products or services are present? Or maybe it’s time for a content strategy that BTC Database EU will show the applications of your innovations? Competitive analysis will help you answer these questions! Basic conclusions from the competition analysis The first, basic, often immiately visible conclusion from the competition analysis is the number of competitors for a given phrase . If there are fewer of them than places on the first page of search results – it may look good, but it does not mean that it will be easy.

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