Choose the word that starts with the first letter


Every day I received many sms, emails, telephone calls, (at that time whatsapp was still not popular in malaysia) prospects who wanted to buy books.

Since I am too busy with the above work, to be honest I don’t have time to serve all the customers.

So what I did was:

Make an online purchase guide at bookcafe in writing complete with screenshots step by step
Make an online purchase guide at bookcafe in the form of a video (using screencasting software)
Then I give this guide to all prospects who ask to buy books not through the website.

There are also customers who call and plead to buy directly. I had to guide this customer one by one from the step of opening the website to the payment step. Once the purchase process is complete, the customer will usually say.

The mistake of many business people who do not know

How to do digital business is that they take domain names for granted. Although it is one of the most important components for any business in this digital age.

Don’t buy a domain name laterwhen cell phone lists the business has progressed and we have started to know branding. At that time, our brand name was registered by someone else to be resold at a very high price and it is a common occurrence.

2. Name on social media
Also check if the name has been registered on any social media such as facebook, instagram, twitter. If not, continue to register an account using that name.

Ne day, our brand will be listed in alphabetical order. If our brand starts with the first letter, our brand will be at the top of the list. Fortunately bomstart starts with the letter “B”.

Check using google translate

Sometimes, our brand name has a bad meaning if translated into a foreign language. By checking first on google translate, we can prevent this BTC Database EU from happening. Choose a major world language and make sure it doesn’t happen.

We must have come across/heard foreign brands with very bad names when pronounced in malay. Imagine if they want to bring the brand into malaysia. Definitely very inappropriate!

5. Avoid names that start with numbers
Avoid names that start with numbers whether using text or numbers.

Example satuhal. If we hear the name of the brand, we are not sure what the spelling is. 1 thing or one thing.

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