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Employability is a key factor students consider when looking at a course or higher institution. They want value from the ucation they invest time and money into and want to be more attractive to employers after graduation. As a result. higher ucation is changing. In 2023. the ucation sector nes to understand what students are looking for and what provides value. It’s also important to know how ucators are adapting to make students more employable in a competitive and fast-moving marketplace. Let’s look at the big higher ucation trends our experts see in 2023 and beyond which include: ucation is a commodity Personalization for students Employers want qualifications & soft skills Micro-internships are beneficial Data analytics is the most in-demand skill Research the market & respond Let’s get start! Marketing Cover Letter

Eucation is a commodity Commodification is now part of higher ucation

Eucation is a commodity Commodification is now part of higher ucation. This was the case before the Covid pandemic and within the last 10 years. there’s been a significant increase. “What you’re seeing today is more students that want to be number one. They’re interest in the program of study that they’re interest in. Do you or do you not have new data it which is the absolute first sign of commodification? Do you have what they want or not? If not. they’ll move on.” says Charles Ramos. Vice President. Graduate & Online Enrolment Management at Ruffalo Noel Levitz. It’s now about realizing your program is a product. Do you have a product that aligns with the nes and demands of students but also those looking to recruit graduates?

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If you have those programs then the next question is. how can you position someone at a competitive advantage versus a peer who may be looking at the same program? Ramos believes the ucation sector nes to get better at explaining its value proposition. “For years (the higher ucation sector) has not been very good at conveying value propositions. It tends to convey process and features rather than tying and explaining how those features convert to BTC Data Baseeu benefits and the market is key in on those benefits.” 2) Students demand personalization No two students are the same. Each one has different nes. different ways of learning. and different circumstances. While some students may be able to study at their leisure. others could work full-time or have families to care for. That’s what makes personalization in ucation so important. Marketing Cover Letter.

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