Google Analytics: practical guide to use it strategically

With this free tool, the most us for making statistical evaluations.  It is easy to correct and optimize your web marketing strategy. Planning a marketing strategy for the web and stopping there is not enough. Monitoring of results and data analysis must be carri out constantly.  To evaluate the effectiveness of the adopt strategy. And consequently understand if and how to change it. Google itself provides you with a complete tool to examine the results. Understanding and learning how to manage this platform.  Helps you make decisions about your next moves . What tool are we talking about? Google analytics . We know better the characteristics of this tool . That allows you to base your web marketing on the returns 

Data analysis: why is it important?

Let’s start from a premise.  New Data  Knowing the progress of your marketing strategy is fundamental. Studying the outcomes of your actions is in fact a starting point, not an arrival point . In fact, from them you will be able to understand.  What didn’t work and nes to be improv, and what was successful and nes to be repeat. From this perspective, it is particularly useful to keep an eye on some factors.  The number of visits to your site.  The actions perform by users on your site (for example pages visit.  Time spent, contact requests); the characteristics of the visitors.  (for example age, origin); the effectiveness of ctas (call to action). Google analytics is the ideal tool for evaluating these and other elements. It helps you clarify your doubts about the performance of the investments you have made. 

What is Google Analytics and how does it work

Let’s see in detail how it behaves and what reports it returns.  BTC Database EU How analytics collects data analytics collects data of all kinds. As we have already mention, it can provide the characteristics of the users.  Who access the site – from geographical-personal data to data relating to the devices . And operating system us – and information on the actions they have perform . How they reach the site, the pages visit , the links they click on – all absolutely anonymously. This is detect and group into sessions . Each user is associat with a random code and, when they open a page on your site, the session starts. After thirty minutes of user inactivity or if the user leaves the site, the session is conclud. 

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