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Who is the ticket system for? The ticket system is perfect for online stores , service provirs ( telecommunications, cable TV, gas, electricity, etc.), medical facilities , travel agencies or companies offer service of their products. It will also be irreplaceable in the efficient and timely handl of complaints, regardless of the industry, and as a program for handl service orrs. But… it looks complicated. Will it be operated by employees with average knowledge of computer programs? When sign the tool, we were guid by its ergonomics – says Michał Misiak – the Focus sk ticket system is easy to use, even those people who have never used similar programs before can quickly learn to use it.

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The company, you should spend some time think about and configur processes and maintenance activities. This time will pay off quickly dur your daily work. In addition, we provi support and train so that the launch and the first period of operation Italy Phone Numbers List of the system in the company are painless. The ticket system should be suitable for companies of all sizes. It does not require a stationary, expensive IT infrastructure – it is available in the cloud, so you only need a computer with an Internet connection to install and use it. Okay but why do I need this ticket system? See what is most important for keep a loyal (=often buy and referr) customer: First of all, “time.

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The ticket system speeds up the handl

Of customer matters by up to %. So the customer gains – which makes them satisfied with the service and more likely to come back to you. And will recommend you to others. In this way, ticket affects the company’s savs: you gain invaluable time – shorter case BTC Database EU handl time means you can handle more cases and pay more attention to more serious requests or from important clients. An appropriate automation rule in the ticket system will immediately notify the client about the acceptance of the case ( by e-mail or text message), and will also inform about changes in the status of the application (accepted, pend, await expert opinion etc.

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