Mass storage as well as the popularization

The market of business recipients, especially corporations, is increasly turn to the optimization of investment and operat costs as well as switch costs. Companies do not want to pay for the maintenance and upgras of stationary solutions – they are f up with the limitations in the velopment of IT systems. For this reason, fully scalable, mobile and more services, available in the cloud comput mol, are becom more and more popular. The optimization of equipment costs is also help by the employee himself, who, in accordance with the BYOD (Br Your Own vice) principle, is increasly will to use private vices at work. Meet Focus Contact Center a comprehensive communication platform in the cloud.

The customer in the spotlight Currently

The direction of velopment focus around the end user is increasly mark its position in ICT . It is he – the client, not the IT partment – who dictates what services and tools he wants to use anytime and anywhere. Thus, the distinction between use for private Belgium Mobile Number List and professional purposes is blurr. These user activities, habits and expectations have creat a trend in ICT call consumerization . Smartphone privately and for work The phenomenon of consumerization is associat with the use of private equipment at work, smartphones , laptops or tablets , to connect to the network and business applications. The fact that this trend is already becom.

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Phenomenon is evinc by the discussion

Security in the face of consumerization at the Mobile Security Forum (part of the Mobile World Congress ) in Barcelona. The view of employees us private vices at work is no longer surpris – often private tools are much more innovative than those offer BTC Database EU by the company. Everyth indicates that this trend will increase as the Y generation enters the labor market, for whom the use of the latest IT solutionsis everyday. Should you be concern about this? In my opinion, no, because it often translates into greater productivity and efficiency of employees. We have a phone or a tablet with us all the time – brows e-mails, calendars, entries in social network sites, so we can start on the way to work – it’s simply convenient.

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