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The Supreme Court explains the problem of the payment guarantee in the contract for construction works CIVIL LAW JUDICIARY The effectiveness of the contractor’s. Protection requires recognizing that the right to withdraw from the contract resulting from the lack of a payment. Guarantee may be exercis without prejudice to the right to dem remuneration. The Supreme. Court in the Civil Chamber dismiss the defendant’s cassation appeal in the case for payment of. Remuneration under a construction contract.Digitization of the construction process is an exclusion for many people PUBLIC The draft amendment to the construction.

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Of submitting paper applications. Notifications notifications introduces the obligation to submit them in the form of an electronic document. I do not UK Mobile Number List share the optimism of the Ministry of Development that the digital society will not be exclud. I do not believe in the help of authorities when submitting digital applications, notifications applications writes January , The obligation to segregate construction demolition waste was postpon by two years LOCAL GOVERNMENT ENVIRONMENT WASTE From January , construction demolition waste was to be collect selectively, divid into at least six fractions. Neglect of duty was to be punish.

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Companies gain another two years, because on the occasion of passing. The socall of the Gas Act, the provisions of the Waste Act were also amend. The new obligation will enter into force on January , Robert. Horbaczewski The amendment to the BTC Database EU construction law the responsibility for misleading the authority is to scare away. Moneymakers It does not seem that the threat of criminal liability is a significant deterrent to the prolongation of proceings for actual proponents. Most often, it will also be difficult for the “moneymakers” to be accus of. Intentionally misleading the authority due to the fact that they do not have information about the plann investment writes Michał Siembab.

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