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The campaign can be determin on the basis of various criteria – age, gender or You can check this data in your campaign settings. Therefore, if you do not match the criteria set in the ad, it will not be display to you. Narrow ad targeting If the target group you’re targeting is too small, your ad won’t show. For example, when talking about a remarketing campaign, a minimum of users must be on the list in order for it to go live Therefore, before setting up a campaign, check how many users are on the lists you have creat. This may affect their display in the search engine. Campaign budget too low A limit daily budget means that your advertising budget is not match to the potential volume of searches.

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The column share in impressions from the search llows you to analyze to what extent the current budget covers queries in the Google search engine. For example, a share of means that the ad is display times out of queries. The higher this share, the more Belgium Phone Number List often the ad is display. Therefore, an incorrectly set daily budget may affect the inability to display the ad in the search engine. Too low or high CPC bids As mention above, each campaign has a daily budget.or maximum cost-per-click, is also an important consideration There can be two situations – the cost is too low or too high. If your CPC bid is too low, your ad may lose the auction to competitors’ ads.

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Therefore it will not always be able to be display to you. On the other h, you probably won’t be able to see your ad if your CPC bid is close to or above your campaign’s daily budget. Therefore, it is worth planning an optimal bid so that it does not conflict with BTC Database EU other ad settings. Inappropriate bid strategy If a campaign is using automat bidding to optimize for conversion data or doesn’t have conversion tracking set up correctly, ad delivery may be limit. In this situation, Google’s algorithm will not be able to find the right user who meets the strategy’s requirements because it has too little conversion data. A conversion can be filling out a contact form or making a purchase.

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