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Optimally it is best to check the result once a month – this way easily notice any changes. Elements that make up the Social Selling Index As mention above, the SSI indicator consists of four elements. Each of them can amount to a maximum of points, which together will give a score of These components include elements of the Social Selling Index on LinkIn Why were these pillars chosen? They were select on the basis of a LinkIn survey, in which about , people participat. traders. In it, they specifi what stages they believe are necessary to achieve the sales goals set. Thanks to this, it was possible to present four elements that are a valuable clue in the context of planning effective activities on the LinkIn portal.

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Building a professional image But what does a professional image mean? It mainly refers to a correctly complet profile that provides potential customers with all the information they ne. Therefore, take care of an appropriate profile picture comprehensive Ivory Coast Phone Number List information about yourself. It is also worth focusing on valuable content. They should be substantive, but at the same time interesting engaging. In publications, you can share your knowlge with the recipients – it is a good idea to use articles in the form of guides or various case studies. Thanks to this, you can build the trust commitment of your recipients, who will see you as an expert in a given field.

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Much easier for you to establish contact dialogue with potential customers. If you would like to learn more about keeping an active profile on LinkIn, we encourage you to read our article on What to post on LinkIn? Finding the right contacts Another important BTC Database EU issue is building a valuable network of contacts. In order to properly approach this aspect, it is crucial to first determine what users are important to you. In the case of B B sales activities, these will include, among others decision-makers of companies from the industries you specifically target. Additionally, connect with users with whom you have something in common. It can be, for example, the same industry or similar interests.

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