What Product Categories Are the Hottest in Malaysia



What I mean by realistic is data based on actual sales data.

In malaysia, we have one of the biggest ecommerce events which is #mycybersale.

Mycybersale is an initiative by mdec that was started in 2014 to further encourage the development of the ecommerce industry in malaysia. For more information about mycybersale, visit /about-mycybersale

Every year, the organizers of mycybersale through their media partner ec insider will issue a report & analysis throughout mycybersale.

So the hypothesis is, we can know what product categories are hot in malaysia using the data provided by them.


Mycybersale data analysis

Before starting, I noticed that ec insider does not have a specific format for reporting mycybersale analysis.

Every year, they use a different method biz list and it makes it difficult for us to distinguish this year’s data from previous years.

Mycybersale 2015

Travel & leisure
Health & beauty
Book & media
Kids & baby
Home & living
Sport & automotive
Mycybersale 2016

Findings from this data.

The most popular category is products in the health & beauty category

This also reflects the increasing number of business owners in this category who are entering the ecommerce arena and dominating the BTC Database EU charts that were previously held by travel, fashion and electronic

Health & beauty
Baby & kids
Gifts, premiums & sourvenirs
Home & living

Mycybersale 2017

Try to pay attention to the products in the groceries category. It increased quite sharply starting in 2017.
There are several product categories starting to show a decline in terms of sales including baby & kids, electronics, home & living, services (not immediately in the top 10 chart in 2017.
Products that can be categorized as “Expensive” in a downward pattern. There may be an impact from a decrease in purchasing power and it will have an impact on the online purchase of more expensive products such as home & living & electronics.

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