What is a metasearch engine


A metasearch engine is a type of search engine whose results come from different search engines . In this way, users who search on them will obtain answers that are in different search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing, among others.

Differences between search engines and metasearch engines

The objective of a search engine and a metasearch engine is the same: to offer users answers that satisfy Vietnam Phone Number Data their needs. However, there are several differences that distinguish them:

Unlike a search engine, a metasearch engine does not have its own database. Since the information it displays to users is extracted from other search engines . It is for this reason that it cannot be call a search engine as such and its most appropriate definition is “search engine search engine”.
The search speed also varies . Generally, search engines offer a much faster response than metasearch engines. Since they must do a job of compiling the most important information from each search engine. However, using a metasearch engine can end up saving you time in your research process by bringing information from different search engines together in one place.

Metasearch engines can fall into the error of duplicate results

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, which can be a bit disconcerting for the user and interfere with the quality of their search.
But not everything was going to be bad for metasearch engines (in fact, later we will see everything they can offer us). And it is that, due to its operation, they allow users to have access to much more complete information than what they can find in a single search engine.

How does a metasearch engine work?
Actually, the operation of a metasearch engine is quite simple. These tools consult different search engines simultaneously, collect the results they give and present it to their audience in their interface . In this last step of presenting the results to the public, there is a previous work of the metasearch engine that consists of processing, filtering and classifying the information through its own algorithms.

How do metasearch engine creators make money?

Generally, there are two ways metasearch engines can make money. The first is through the spaces on their website that they dedicate to advertising. And the second is a commission that BTC Database EU they take every time a user clicks on one of their links. Which comes from those pages to which they are redirect. In short. Let’s say that in this last option they are paid to redirect users to their websites. Although sometimes the commission is made as long as they make the purchase.


The most popular engines
The first engine was born in 1995 and continues to exist today. It’s called MetaCrawler and it was develop by the University of Washington, working like any of its predecessors.


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