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Products on the shopify platform on any other website such as wordpress, tumblr, or their own website. Users only need to embed the code provided and paste it on the desired website (such as embedding a youtube video).

For example?

Screenshot_051315_041349_pmthe application?

I expect this functionality to compete with services like aztetic.My and the like. With a fee of usd 9 per month, it is quite cheap and affordable to own.

Internet marketers who want to sell ebooks & seminar tickets which are single products can give enough consideration to this new function from shopify.
Empirical data shows that mobile is increasingly dominating the digital world. Google, on the other hand, had to revamp its search engine algorithm by giving priority to mobile-friendly websites to occupy the top ranks of search results.

Ready or not, website owners (including e-commerce sites) are forced to change their strategy and improve their support for mobile users.I closely observe the changing trend and behavior of mobile users compared to desktop users (and also tablets) in e-commerce websites.

Example of a google analytics report by device

I can conclude the following trend;

1. Mobile user traffic dominates compared to desktop & tablet users

2. E-commerce conversion rate is still phone leads for sale dominated by desktop users followed by tablets and then mobile users

3. Revenue is also championed by the contribution of desktop users, followed by mobile and tablet users

4. The average order value is led by tablet users, followed by mobile and desktop users

These data changed my strategy towards facebook ads and google adwords (in particular).

Is it worth it for e-commerce owners to target mobile users in facebook ads and google adwords.

I think that one of the factors that make this trend happen is because

Consumer mentality still prefers to buy using a desktop
The mobile purchasing interface is BTC Database EU still not user friendly enough
Desktop feels safer & more comfortable to buy online
It should also not be forgotten that the probability of a user seeing an ad on a mobile phone then making a purchase on a desktop.

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