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Imagine that your potential customer enters the. Keyword of your choice into the search engine, selects your ad, refin to the limit, you pay per click, he enters the website leaves after a few seconds. What a loss. Problems with landing pages are not only the lack of properly. Communicat information, but also problems relat to page loading spe, lack of responsiveness on mobile devices, lack of a call to action or contact details. Remember that advertising only leads the potential customer to the right place, it is your landing page that will ultimately sell the service / product.

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That the user, after clicking on the ad, gets what he was looking for, even more. It happens that at first glance we do not see where the problem Mexico Mobile Number List of lack of conversion really lies. Then it’s easy to get fixat on campaign results obsessively optimize. Them – increase CTR, increase impression share, change ad content, increase click rate (sic!). all you ne to do is fine-tune your landing page. From this emerges the reflection that marketing activities should be view holistically. The problem is not always with the campaign.

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Above are just a few of the pitfalls” that. May lie in wait for you. Very good knowlge of the advertising system good practices will help you avoid unwant costs. Sometimes the biggest savings is hiring experienc specialists who will take care of your advertising account. The spectrum of mistakes you can make the amount of time you would have BTC Database EU to spend to fine-tune the operation of the campaign may convince you to use the help of specialists. If you would like to entrust us with running a Google Ads account, please contact us. Safety is one of the elements for which it is worth working with our agency. We do not generate unwant costs.

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