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If they call the UK and present themselves with a Polish number, a potential customer might not pick up, see an unknown international number. People are distrustful, reluctant to answer calls from unknown domestic numbers, let alone foreign ones. Hav a pool of UK numbers from your telecom operator, you can set up a presentation for these numbers and use them to call potential customers in the UK. Thanks to this, you increase your chances of sell. (By the way, for international expansion you will also ne a system with the possibility of internationalization – which you can read about in this article.

Presentation of the number in the country

Similarly in the country – you are bas in Jelenia Góra, but you are target customers from Krakow? Present yourself with the Krakow number. People are more likely to pick up when a local number calls them. Presentation of the industry number Tunisia Mobile Number List An industry example is bt collection. In Poland, the “basin” of bt collection companies is Wrocław. Know this, the btor will not answer calls from Wrocław numbers. By chang the presentation to another city, you increase your chances of a conversation and bt collection.

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With bt collection over the phone here . Want to know more about a virtual PBX? Read these articles: Why do most companies choose a VoIP phone? Virtual or stationary exchange in the company? reasons why you ne to know the statistics of telephone BTC Database EU calls in the company What is WebRTC technology, will it replace VoIP, will it be necessary to change vices and applications for communicat over the Internet? And what benefits will its popularity br to you. The WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology is a set of protocols and APIs that enable direct communication of users from the level of a web browser – or even without it  through mobile applications or landline phone software bas on it.

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