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You dont want to implement a new software when key people in other departments are out or when another team is in the middle of its own tech project. Pick technology partners you trust when you compare marketing technology, youre also evaluating potential business partners. Signing a contract or picking an annual plan means youre entering into a relationship with a company. Youll depend on that company to support your team and help you achieve specific goals. At email on acid, we know a lot about what drives efficiency on an email marketing team. Were proud to offer an email marketing solution you can trust.

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Our clients tell us that our email readiness platform saves them upwards of 2 hours of work per email send. With multiple campaigns going out each week, what could your team do with all this extra time. Adding a bit of movement into an email can bring the message to life and elevate your email marketing. As these five brands have shown us, gif hero image designs b2b email list wow the recipient into checking out what an email has to offer. But there are some other ways a gif can enhance an email. In this post, well cover some different uses for animat gifs in email and how you can implement them in your next email campaign. Size for gifs in email its important to consider the types of images you use in an email, as well as the overall weight of an emails html and its loading spe.

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A slower load time could mean lower engagement from your subscribers. There isnt a hard-and-fast rule on the maximum size of a gif in email, but the higher the file size, the longer it will take to load. Aiming for under 200kb is a good rule of thumb. With most readers receiving email on their smartphones, you should consider loading time on mobile networks (although many readers are able to connect mobile devices to wifi). If your readership BTC Database EU is mainly desktop, why not try out some bigger gifs to see how they do. Nike sent a campaign with a 2.7mb gif: nike email with gif email on acids campaign precheck includes an image optimization feature that allows you to see if your images are too heavy.

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