The best digital marketing podcasts in Spanish

It has not been easy to make this selection of the best digital marketing podcasts in Spanish. I wanted to highlight some of the podcasts that can help you the most, but of course, there are many more that I am sure can help you. If you think that something missing that is not included, of course, leave me the reference in the comments. Os that I can listen to it and take it into account when updating the post. They are all interesting and can help you with all kinds of topics related to digital marketing. Its ease of consumption makes this format one of my favorite channels. It allows me, in addition to enjoying, to be able to carry out other tasks, continue learning, get inspired… I want to share with you my personal selection, in case it can help you. Here I leave you the best digital marketing podcasts in Spanish, according to my criteria.

Digital Marketing The best digital 

Another one from Joan Boluda on the list, a podcast about crowdfunding every Saturday at 09:09. Mecenas FM is the first podcast about crowdfunding in Spanish, and its objective is to bring this concept to everyone in an enjoyable way The best digital All audiences.With all the humility in the world, I want to take this space to introduce you company data to my  podcast Funnel Rocks. The objective of this podcast is for you to understand the Funnel.  Which for me is one of the most important parts of Digital Marketing (But what am I going to say, right?) and also to talk to you about entrepreneurship. And all this, do it in a different way, do it in a raw and honest way, without too many embellishments, and being hard on myself and on yourself sometimes

Differentiatio Marketing

You will be able to create an emotional bond with your community. They will get used to your voice, to listening to you, to knowing your tone, and this will create that bond between speaker and listener. You will accompany him in his BTC Database EU daily tasks. In the end, little by little your voice will be the best resource to reach your audience. You will achieve that proximity that is so difficult to achieve with other colder means. That you to you that will make a rapprochement possible..

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