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Hate speech on social media can significantly damage brands advertising on those platforms, according to a new study. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Southern California, surveyed over 3,000 respondents who were shown simulated negative, positive and neutral posts with adjacent ads on Facebook, Instagram and X — which was still known as Twitter at the time, in February and March 2023. Dig deeper: 8 tips on how to handle negative Facebook comments One-

Fifth of respondents

Reported liking an advertiser less after seeing ads on social media with hate speech, and there was a 35% drop in the number of people willing to click on those ads. The survey also found that b2b email list the hate ads caused a large change in net favorability, with sentiment toward advertisers shifting from favorable to neutral. There was an even larger drop in favorability sentiment towards the media platforms themselves. Methodology. The survey experiments examined how user-generated hate speech posted on social media would impact

Social media

Opinions of social media websites and apps, and the brands that advertise on them. Survey respondents were shown simulated negative, positive, and neutral posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in February and March 2023. The text-and-image posts were shown BTC Database EU adjacent to advertisements from an oral care brand, a car manufacturer, and a home improvement retailer, to replicate the feel of scrolling through social media feeds. The more liked a brand was, the bigger the change in favorability. “While 66% of respondents reported a favorable view of the oral care brand after seeing the positive post and 70%

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