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It also lets you optimize the image with one click, then host it or download it to include it in your email. What about outlook. Now that its only older outlook clients that dont support gifs, its worth exploring some more options for animating images throughout an email. Not only If you have a lot of subscribers using older outlook clients, check out this handy hack to show a specific static image to these clients. Ways to use an animat gif in email animat gifs arent just for hero images anymore. Check out these different methods for using gifs in your campaigns.

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Encouraging a recipient to scroll adding an arrow or character beckoning a user to carry on scrolling is great for longer emails, or to draw attention to a specific module. Arrow animat gif bring life to static images fans of the harry potter films and books have probably imagin adding real-life movement to photographs. Harry potter animat photo gif these animat images b2b leads could have many applications, from e-commerce to entertainment. For example, you could experiment with adding a subtle spinning movement to a model wearing the clothing you are selling. This can give the email recipient a little more information and a full 360o view of the product, increasing the chance of a click.

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Fun typography adding moving text to images is a cool way to add a signature or interesting element to a message. Not only If you use this technique. Be sure to include a separate static image or include all the text in the first frame to accommodate older outlook clients. Not only Also, dont forget to include BTC Database EU descriptive alt text. Not only Sale gif thank you gif check out the code for this thank you! Message, including a fallback static image. Moving backgrounds using background image fixes to cover as many email clients as possible, you can include an animat gif in place of a static image to add some movement behind your content.

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