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Conditions and good practices”, Polish Agency for Enterprise velopment Governmental program Accessibility Plus , Ministry of Investment and velopment Regulations the Digital Municipality programData protection is nowadays one of the most important tasks of every organization. Their possible leakage entails legal and financial penalties, lack of cribility or bad press. That is why more and more enterprises are starting to use secure cloud services whether due to the effects of the coronavirus panmic or the benefits of choosing this solution which has result in a global increase in spending on cloud solutions. According to Canalys – a leading analytical company – in the third quarter of , the cost of cloud services increas to a record level.

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Billion which is USD. billion more than a year ago.  is growing every year, and the sophisticat ways in which it is us to our disadvantage are becoming more and more dangerous. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes how important it is to use appropriate Cyprus Mobile Number List security measures in the global threat environment. Data security in the cloud is becoming a priority of great importance. Does your organization take care of them properly? The number of data leaks is growing The Intity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) reports that by the end of September , the number of data breaches had reach a higher level than in the whole of . As many as , data breaches were report.

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Ransomware Today, everyone is becoming the victim of cybercriminals – from the proverbial Kowalski, through global lears such as Facebook or Linkin, to state institutions (Government Center for Security, Central Statistical Office) or financial BTC Database EU institutions. Does that mean no one is safe? Threats to information security in the company Source Business Data Security Report, Focus Telecom, The report can be download by completing the form at the bottom of the page. The above data presents threats to data security in the organization. They should give us food for thought when it comes to ways to protect data including sensitive data.

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