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Here is the information about what Google Helpful Content really is. The search engine algorithm with each update strives to ensure that the content corresponds directly to the user’s query, without throwing water. An article on hard-boil eggs should contain information about the entire process – short, concise to the point, without unnecessary inserts. The changes introduc by the algorithm are intend to ultimately verify the content post on the Internet so as to eliminate the low-value ones. What is Low Value Content – How do I know if my content is relevant? If your website contains content that They were creat just to attract users, without substantive knowlge; They are not relat to the subject of the website.

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They are duplicates amalgamation of what is already on other sites; You write for the trend, not for the site’s audience; They are not exhaustive – you focus on generalities; They are artificially too long; They are not specializ; They are clickbait or simply not true Macedonia Phone Number List then, to put it simply, you have a high chance that your website will suffer in search results. Content that is creat mainly for ranking for a given key phrase, without actual values, may be expos to worse positions in Google search due to the Google Helpful Content update. Many website owners forget that updates can also have a positive impact on your results.

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They are made for people right

So it also works the other way around! If so far the content on your site rank quite poorly, despite the fact that you show specialist knowlge in it, it answer users’ questions brought real value – this is a big plus for you, because the update can positively affect your rankings However, if you have never carri out optimization activities your website has many BTC Database EU errors, this may be one of the reasons for poor visibility results. In order to improve the position of the website, it is worth using the help of specialists. specializes in effective optimization solutions – contact us let’s take care of your website together! What do valuable answers look like? – A few words about featur snippets. Since January , for over years, the results of direct queries answers for users have been present in the search results at the very top, often only under ads.

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