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Consultations (regard telephone contacts) – if the consultant is unable to solve the customer’s problem, he can ask him to wait on the line and dur this time get advice from another, more experienc consultant or manager. The customer does not hear the service conversation, but music or other select content. Customers don’t like to wait, but they usually prefer this solution to hav to contact them again. ) Call records , chat transcripts, e-mail register – along with functions that facilitate their interrogation and view from the select place. Regular analysis of record conversations with clients makes it possible to capture typical errors in communication with clients and signal them, and then fix them and indicate patterns and anti-patterns.

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A great facilitation in the analysis of many records are online call evaluation forms with prefin evaluation criteria. Morn customer communication platforms allow the use of three different mos of automatic dial. Which mo to choose – preview, progressive Japan Phone Number List or prictive? Learn the criteria for select the method of dial the number for the type of campaign. Test the Focus Contact Center application for free > Recently, we scrib automatic dial mos – prictive, progressive and preview – and the fundamental differences in their operation. Each of them has its strengths, but also each, when us incorrectly, can postpone the achievement of the campaign’s goal in time.

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Of individual mos. prictive dial Programm dial allows for significant time savs for agents and thus an impressive increase in productivity. It is a good choice BTC Database EU for simple business-to-customer sales campaigns (to the end customer. In such campaigns, a similar offer is address to all customers in the database and consultants only ne a glance at the customer’s data to conduct a conversation. This is also a suitable mo for telephone surveys. When us programm diall, there is a risk that consultants will not be able to handle some calls.

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