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Online chat is one of the pillars of communication with customers. Test the callcontact center application for free > Internet chat is the fastest grow communication channel in sales support and customer service partments,  mia. What is a cause of it? . Customer preferences Customers like online chat. It is rat better by users than any other channel of communication with the company. In the British igital’s Customer Service Benchmark customer satisfaction survey, % of responnts were satisfi with communication with the company via chat. Percentage of responnts who were satisfi with communication with companies in a given channel – igital’s Customer Service Benchmark.

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Chat wins over email for two reasons – it enables real-time communication and is more personal. Time is crucial to maintain customer interest. Potential customers , when they do not receive answers to their questions right away, are very likely to give up Malaysia Phone Number List the purchase. American research (Forrester Research) shows that nearly half of online store customers who abandon their shopp carts would not do so if they had the opportunity to immiately consult the store staff. For example, to clarify information about the offer, compare products, or facilitate navigation on the website. Chat “wins” over the phone because it is less absorb. While chatt online, the customer can browse other websites on the Internet, check their Facebook status and even take a tea break.

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Irritat when you have to wait on the line (wait for a response in a chat is less annoy). When talk via chat, customers do not feel embarrass stopp the conversation to think about the offer or solution, which gives them greater comfort in mak purchas cisions BTC Database EU Online chat – greater efficiency of agents’ work Experienc agents can handle three or four chats at the same time , which significantly increases their efficiency in relation to communication with customers us the most popular telephone communication. In the case of helpsks, the chat allows you to intersperse the conversation with ready-ma answers to the most frequently report, typical problems – and these usually account for about % of requests.

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