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To be a true online customer service ace, you need to keep evolv. Improve the quality of service pend on the chang attitus and needs of the customer. Certainly, you should constantly observe your customers, engage them in activities, adapt to their requirements. Only this can make you respond to their expectations and maintain their loyalty . Master multi-channel Merely be able to communicate through multiple channels is not enough. Multi-channel communication must be integrated, otherwise your consultants will not be able to organize requests and inquiries from different channels, they will lose contacts and thus you will lose potential and regular customers.

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For the channels preferred by your customers. Especially in situations of increased interest in your products (dur campaigns, dur sales periods, etc.) Multi-channel communication and tools for its organization allow you to record and analyze Germany Mobile Number List customer behavior. Map them to know how to improve communication in a given channel, as well as how to move from one channel to another more conveniently. With easier data collection and management, you can tailor offers to customer needs because you already know them. Safety above all These days, our data is more vulnerable to leakage and can be subject to serious attacks.

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Especially after the entry into force of the GDPR , is aware of the risks and requires ensur the security of their data. If you are unable to ensure their safety, not only will they not be interested in your services, but they will certainly not come back to you. Remember BTC Database EU about privacy, especially when serv customers via social media. More human than robot If you already use chatbots (yes, we know that this is a very helpful technology), remember that they are only suitable for certain tasks and noth (so far) can replace the contact with a real person. Especially if his problem is complex. Therefore, give your customers a chance to talk to your consultant before they become impatient with the unsatisfactory quality of service via the robot.

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