Happy Products Release Facebook Ads

There are products that are easy to get rid of facebook ads. There are products that are difficult to get rid of facebook ads.

Among the types of product ads that are difficult to pass facebook ads are as follows;

Therefore,  Tobacco related products (cigarettes and so on)
Products or services for adults (strong drug products, family planning, sexual drugs and the like)
Misleading content (promise of a product that is too hype and seems to be cheating. Eg : slim in 3 days)
Surveillance & safety system products – spy cameras etc
Controversial products – products that can cause offense to people who read the ad. Ex: “Are you barren?”
Advertisements before & after the product – although it contradicts point no.5, I think we can use organic content for before & after content.
Weapons – weapons cannot be sold on facebook
Cryptocurrency – can’t sell programs involving cryptocurrency on facebook
Therefore, We can read the facebook guidelines to find out what forms of advertising can and cannot be used on facebook.

Products for babies & children

Therefore,  Any product that is sold to women usually sells very well. This is because women have much higher power & desire to buy than men.

Men, on the other hand, will usually think for a long time before buying something. This makes the time taken to close the sale for men’s products quite long. Women, on the other hand, buy on impulse without planning ahead and purchase purely based telemarketing leads on emotions and attractive discount offers.

Therefore, Young parents don’t mind spending money to buy any product for their first baby and child. Especially to young mothers.

Therefore, Casper is a brand in the us that sells mattresses. Casper guarantees that the mattress purchased by each customer can be returned within 100 days if the customer is not satisfied with it and the money will be returned to the customer 100%. The result? Casper recorded sales of $300 million usd in just 3 years.


 Products that can build tribes fan clubs

Therefore, There are products that can make users want to set up a fan club for product users. A simple example is a car. They are very passionate about the cars they own and are ready to help each other share car care tips.

Therefore,  Examples of other products BTC Database EU are g-shock watches, apple products, ubuntu (a free, community-based operating system).

Therefore,  What happens to these products is that users of the product proactively.Therefore, promote the product to others without being paid and it becomes a very influential marketing strategy.

10. Products that can be guaranteed with moneyback guarantee
How many people release a product, promise various product benefits and dare to guarantee a refund if the customer is not satisfied with the product.


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