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Practicing adding value add tax to the notarial fee for years. However, since tax regulations may raise doubts, the applicable law does not allow for VAT to be add to the notary’s remuneration, the Ombudsman, Marcin WiÄ…cek, asks MPs senators to take a legislative initiative to regulate this issue. Christopher Sobczak February , Failure to accept the corrective note does not deprive the right to duct VAT VAT ACCOUNTING TAX ADVISOR OF THE COMPANY If the company’s NIP number was incorrectly indicat in the issu invoices, it is permissible to correct such an error by means of corrective notes. Since the note itself in this case has no impact on the value of the transaction, failure to accept the note does not result in the inability to duct VAT from the original invoice containing an incorrect VAT number of the buyer.

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Wieslawa Moczydlowska February , Participation in the cash pooling structure sometimes without VAT VAT TAX ADVISOR FINANCE Under the cash pooling agreement, only the bank performing a comprehensive financial liquidity management New Zealand Phone Numbers List service charging remuneration in the form of commissions fees acts as a service provider. In turn, the activities of participants acting as recipients of services remain outside the scope of VAT. Malwina PasternakJanik February , VAT must be settl within strict deadlines VAT ACCOUNTING The date that VAT taxpayers settling on general terms must necessarily remember is the th day of the month following the settlement period month or quarter. This is when the tax payment is due.

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The Goods Services Tax Act. Krzysztof Kazmierski February , In the case of intraCommunity acquisition of goods, VAT must be account for VAT ACCOUNTING The VAT Act gives taxpayers the opportunity to return the surplus of input tax relat to activities BTC Database EU subject to VAT over the tax due in several periods. When a taxpayer is entitl to apply for a refund depends, among other things, on on whether in a given period for which he settles this tax, he perform taxable activities. Krzysztof Kazmierski Settlements within the VAT group without the matory KSeF VAT ACCOUNTING TAX ADVISOR One of the benefits of creating a VAT group is that the sale of goods the provision of services within it is not subject to VAT.

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