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Lewiatan Conferation, Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications, International Advertis Association IAA Poland, Organization of Market Opinion Research Companies, Startup Poland and ZIPSEE Polska Cyfrowa. These entities ask the Ministry of Digitization, the Ministry of velopment and Polish MEPs to take action to introduce the necessary amendments to the draft regulation. Not only Polish entrepreneurs have objections to ePrivacy. The European Data Protection Supervisor also express his opinion on this matter in Opinion , indicat that the ePrivacy project is necessary to ensure the legal framework for the protection of personal data in the European Union, but it requires changes.

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Authorities from across the EU in Opinion also signal the ne for changes to ePrivacy. It should therefore be assum that the final text of the ePrivacy Regulation will differ from the draft. A lay in the intend date of application of the Regulation is also Slovenia Mobile Number List likely.” ePrivacy Regulation – ) Scope of application ePrivacy will apply to all provirs of electronic communications services, provirs of publicly available directories and provirs of software enabl electronic communications, includ the retrieval and presentation of information on the internet. The introduction to the draft indicates that one of the objectives of the regulation is to ensure that services.

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Messag and e-mail are subject to analogous rules as traditional methods of communication. The new regulations will therefore cover services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Gmail, iMessage and Viber. The regulation will BTC Database EU apply both to provirs of electronic communications services establish within and outsi the European Union, as long as they provi services to citizens of one of the EU countries. The ePrivacy Regulation, to a limit extent, will apply to natural and legal persons who use electronic communications services to send commercial materials for direct market purposes, or collect information relat to or stor on end-users’ terminal equipment (electronic equipment) (such as cookies.

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