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To attract participants to your webinar, you ne to reach your target groups. The easiest way to do this is through advertising in the digital channels with a target group focus on those you want to reach. You can also publish links to the registration page in your digital channels in social mia so that your followers can be attract, but it is difficult to get a proper reach without the advertising. Also invite your customers to the webinar by email, but let them sign up via a registration form to check who is participating. Equipment for webinar To conduct a webinar, you ne some equipment, which we will go through here.

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You ne among other things a streaming program Here we go through a few different options that do not require such a large investment but also a little more if you want to invest at a higher level. Streaming program at webinar Today you can Job Function Email Database stream with lots of different programs and you have probably participat in meetings via Zoom or Microsfot Teams. Both of these also work for conducting webinars and you can set what the participants should be able to do beforehand. If you want more professional software for your webinar that is only intend for this, you have Restream.

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Webinar Jam or Stream Yard. These three you can sign a little as you like with your own logos, graphic elements and have all the chat functions. With these programs, you can also connect them with your accounts in digital channels such BTC Database EU as Linkin, Facebook and YouTube and stream your webinar there as well via your program. We use Restream on Ranktrail and it costs from SEK month, and the other mention programs are at the same level. If you want a free program, Google Meet also works and you can share the link with  the meeting. You can set the participants.

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