Microphones and cameras turned


Off during the entire webinar if you do not want the participants to be seen and be able to disturb. Camera, start simple and advance as you go Your builtin webcam is enough for beginners to webinar, but if you want to advance, there is really no upper limit. One step after your webcam is an external webcam that is more advanc than the one built into your computer. A very good webcam is Logitechs Ultra Brio K, which is available from around SEK , . If you want to , invest in a DSLR camera with an Elgato cam link for good quality.

Whole Jungle of microphones

There are a lot of cameras but a really good one that has realtime autofocus and can give you a good pth of field blurr background is the Sony A, which you can find from about SEK , . Microphone for webinar As a start, you can use your headset that you Special Database use for your phone also for webinars , for example Apples Ear Pods. When you want to invest further, there is a  and a simple upgra is a sk microphone, for example a snowball for less than SEK ,. If you want to increase the level of quality further, Rø is a good way to go, for example the Rø Wireless Go to.

Special Database

Invest in even better quality

These are wireless and you can both record on them but also connect them to your computer for live streaming to a webinar. You can find the Rø Wireless Go II to from about SEK , and you can also buy socall mosquito nets that can be attach BTC Database EU to the clothes near your chin so that it picks up the sound well. Lighting at webinar The light is an important aspect and here too you can start easily and switch up the technique with the successes. When you want to upgra, an L ring light is a good start and you can find them from around SEK.

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