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Interactive script The script supports agents in sales campaigns – a good script is an excellent sales support. You can put web links, images, forms in the scripter. Thanks to this, the work of agents is easier and the train time is shorter. auto-provision Another important feature is auto provision. Thanks to this, we can download the IPs of phones previously fin in the server. Instead of configur each handset separately us this function, the system will automatically configure the VoIP equipment. In this way, you can download, among others: login, password and server address for automatic camera login, phone book or the current version of your software.

Direct Call Pickup Another feature

Worth pay attention to is Direct Call Pickup, the ability to take over a call from a busy phone or from an absent agent. A relat option to this option is Group Call Pickup, transferr a call accord to a select strategy (linear, random, carousel, group) to a given Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List group of numbers, the so-call hunt groups.How to increase sales ? How to generate more leads? What to do to make leads of better quality? Do you know these questions? Yes, of course.  – that’s why it is worth us morn technologies to strengthen the company’s position on the market. The morn customer is a conscious consumer. Simple advertis doesn’t work as well as it us to.

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The sales strategy is the company’s strategy

In addition he has the Internet at his disposal, which allows him to quickly and effectively compare your product and services with the competition. The morn customer expects you to fight for their trust and loyalty, but honestly. That you will offer him BTC Database EU someth that will distuish your product and your services. Your client is well acquaint with the ‘clever’ manipulations of salespeople, has heard about NLP and has seen thousands of great banners and excit spots. So what to do with our sales strategy? How to generate leads and increase the bars? The answer is simple – focus on new technologies.

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