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Initiator of many groups projects for women. He loves new. technologies. All entries by the authorWhy is it worth building a personal br the br of your social organization on LinkIn? Mirella Panek-Owsianska Mirella Panek. Owsianska February , CONTENTS. LinkIn in Pol around the world. What do the numbers say? How is LinkIn different from Facebook or Instagram? LinkIn for an NGO Lear Benefits Social Selling Inx newsletter on LinkIn Benefits of being on LinkIn for a social organization LinkIn in NGO communication. A few tips to start with. Additional materials on LinkIn in social activities LinkIn is a place where you can establish valuable contacts with business, tell the story of your non-governmental organization, search for employees build an expert personal br.

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The site Check how you can actively use the. opportunities offer by LinkIn. Join our newsletter. The second part of the article is coming soon, in which we will present people from the world of social organizations that are worth following on Sri Lanka Mobile Number List LinkIn. e-mail name SIGN UP If I were to point to a tool for promotion, communication or fundraising that is insufficiently us by Polish social organizations, it would be LinkIn Us much less frequently than Facebook or Instagram, for many organizations it could become a valuable source of contacts with companies, corporate foundations, position lears as people with expert knowlge on many social topics.

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To start or increase your activity on. LinkIn for the benefit of you your organization. LinkIn in Pol around the world. What do the numbers say? out of million LinkIn users search for jobs new business contacts there every week, more than million people BTC Database EU receive an invitation for an interview every year thanks to LI. Bill Gates is the most follow private profile with over million followers, the Google company profile is follow by million people. Every day, people publish over million posts on the site. Interesting data confirming that this is a good place for the third sector is provid by LinkIn itself – LinkIn users, compar to other Internet users, are more likely to support non-profit organizations.

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