Signs that our online business must move to an e-commerce system


As an owner, when the business grows, we will see it like a tree that is thriving. We will see the surrounding area of the tree grow. If we plant a tree in a small pot and in a building, we feel that the pot and the location of the tree need to be changed.

I believe that many business owners have noticed that, to a certain extent, it is difficult to scale a business by adding new staff.

This strategy is suitable at the start but until one stage, we need a vertical strategy that uses a more sophisticated system.

The system I am referring to is the ecommerce system

Managing staff is a big challenge
At one point, adding staff was our way of expanding the business. A sales staff (war team) for example will potentially increase sales up to rm30,000. We also started having fun adding staff, preparing sops, scripts and so on.

Then we started to notice that the task outbound calling laws of managing staff is not an easy and predictable task. There are many contingent elements in managing staff let alone managing staff performance. There are many things that are beyond our control.

Things beyond control will determine the company’s sales performance, making the company’s sales difficult to predict (unpredictable).

In such a situation, we start to be afraid to invest capital for r&d of new products or try new markets that are more premium and the like. It keeps us stuck at one level and it does not bode well for the business in the long run.


Managing customers is a big challenge

When the business grows, the number of our customers also grows.

Managing a large number of customers is a challenge if we don’t have the right system.

Try to imagine when we have 30,000 customer database. How do we follow up with this number of customers?

Will we followup manually one by one? Or ignore BTC Database EU existing customers and look for new customers every day?

There are limitations in business operations
For example, on one day there were a lot of leads coming in and our war team was unable to handle them all.

Or a customer who whatsapps in the middle of the night and wants an immediate answer.

Or the war team handles so many messages that whatsapp becomes unresponsive (yes, it usually happens).

We will feel that we will lose a lot of potential sales due to this limitation.

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