Reating and maintaining a digital footprint


Is not an option in the modern world; it is a requirement if you wish to be known, control the message about who you are, and, more importantly, whom you are actively becoming. Appropriately representing the many facets of you online is critical. Some individuals limit their brand to a self-described business job brand, a self-limiting practice. For example, a feeble introduction could be, “I’m an accountant that works for Company The focus is on Company instead of on you! Of course, there is nothing wrong with being an accountant, but how many would want that label to sum up their lives after they are gone? Is Oprah “just” a talk show host? Is Arnold Schwar.┬áThe Key to Success in the Digital Age Building your brand is about exploring, growing and celebrating your many characteristics.

The truth is people generally are

Attracted to and interested in well-rounded individuals. Many skills are portable and reusable across fields and can unexpectedly create opportunities. Talented attorney in the courtroom? Perhaps you could be a voice or stage actor! This kind of thing happens and can happen all Poland Phone Number List the time. You don’t necessarily have to be multi-disciplinary to be multi-faceted. Properly balancing your life is also worthy of admiration. Successful at business but about to die because of poor health? Such extreme examples of single-thread mindsets immediately show the value of being well-rounded, balanced and attending to all of the fundamentals.

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This applies not just to wealth

But also health, hobbies, family, relationships, downtime, meditation, etc. “Living-on-a-single-rail” folks that ignore their . I Therefore, other needs besid work are out, and individuals that show all of their Taiwan Phone Number List dimensionality are well-respect. Accordingly, your personal digital brand should convey to the world the many facets and dimensions of your past, present, and, most importantly, future. How does the world find that well-rounded, multi-faceted version of you and get to know you through your content.

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