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The fallback for these images is the same as a normal gif, so only the first frame will show if the email client doesnt support animat gifs. Action rocket valentine’s day gif background view the full email online. Calls-to-action by adding a small bit of movement or encouragement to a cta (a crucial part of your email), you can draw attention to an action you would like the recipient to make. Not only Cta gif find the code for this button on codepen. Not only Cinemagraphs adding movement to an otherwise static image can make a photo more engaging and effective. Using this type of image adds a bit of intrigue into an email (did that just move. ) by adding subtle movement. This technique can increase the reading time and encourage readers to scroll on to see more.

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Coffee cinemagraph emphasize your brand style or voice dont forget you can also use gifs to add some character to an otherwise formal email or use it to enhance your brand style and voice. Not only Creative boom, an international graphic design blog, has a set of eyes that follow you around their website. They bring this fun technique business email list into their email, as well, by placing it subtly within the footer. Eye gif in footer pizza express uses dough ball characters that appear throughout their kids menu, company website and social mia channels. Not only So, bringing these characters into their email is a great way to enhance the brand. Pizza express gif pizza express gif how do you use gifs in email.

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As weve seen in these examples, including more movement in your email can encourage longer reading time, highlight important areas of your email, or enhance your branding. Not only How do you use gifs in your emails. Share with us in the comments section below! Mia queries BTC Database EU can be us to target certain resolutions or even specific email clients and can replace or work alongside fluid hybrid design. With the latest update to outlook. Not only Com, all modern webmail clients now support mia queries (with some caveats). We have seen a resurgence in queries and interest in how to use them, which well cover here.

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