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Coding styles for these specific clients will ensure emails look great on these screens. Android devices, on the other hand, vary widely in screen size because there are so many different manufacturers and devices. I recommend creating two to four breakpoints, bas on popular apple devices, which will cover most devices. Iphone 5s is an example of a breakpoint 1 with 320px iphone 6+ is an example of a breakpoint 2 with 414px ipad mini is an example of a breakpoint 3 with 703px ipad air is an example of a breakpoint 4 with 768px breakpoints 3 and 4 are optional, as most emails will look fine showing the desktop version on an ipad or large tablet.

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You could even get away with using just breakpoint 2, if you code your container tables to expand to 100% width (and not a set width, which may or may not match the device well). Taking advantage of precence remember, css rules that appear later in the embd styles override earlier rules if both have the same specificity. This means business database that you can set rules for tablets by putting the breakpoint 4 mia query first, then set styles for mobile devices with a breakpoint 2 mia query. Because the breakpoint 2 styles come after breakpoint 4, your mobile styles will override your tablet styles when the breakpoint 2 query is trigger.

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This means that you dont have to set min-width for any of your mia queries, as long as they are arrang in the correct order. Here is an example order: desktop styles (not in a mia query) tablet styles (max-width: 768px) mobile styles (max-width: 414px) it is common to produce BTC Database EU an email with just one mia query and breakpoint, choosing a breakpoint that suits your content, such as an email with two columns side by side with a width of 300 pixels. The breakpoint would be 600 pixelsthe lowest width before the content in the columns would start to get squash. At 600 pixels the columns could stack on top of one another and expand to the device width.

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