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By analyzing the event, you can find out which user acquisition channels have brought you the greatest profits, which demographic groups are more likely to reach for your , from which locations you gain the most customers what devices they use. This metric not only allows us to assess the effects we have achiev, but is a starting point for improving the results achiev. With information such as the one mention above, you can anticipate, infer, optimize direct your activities in such a way as to maximize profits. The experience we have gain over many years has taught us that each business should be treat individually. Analyzing the results determining them as satisfactory can vary significantly depending on the industry. How to measure a conversion? We already know what conversions are, so let’s move on to how to measure them.

To measure conversions best solution

Will be to use the free Google Analytics tool, in which you will be able to configure events then combine them with various data on the traffic on your website. Having configur goals in Google Analytics, you can import them to your campaigns in this system. The New Zealand Phone Numbers List only thing you ne to do is to connect the accounts in the settings of the advertising platform panel. Google Analytics also has the option of generating your own tracking codes, which should then be plac on the website. When using the Facebook Ads platform, it will be necessary to generate a Facebook pixel code in order to track conversions This is the code that will be plac on your website will inform you about the actions on the website that the customer has taken after seeing.

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Implement events for these platforms

Worth using Google Tag Manager This tool allows you to configure events without interfering with the source code of the website. With the help of Google Tag Manager appropriate knowlge, you are able to track every customer’s movement within BTC Database EU the site, then import micro or macro conversions to Facebook Google tools. If the process of measuring conversion seems complicat to you – use the help of specialists! Professional support in this area will allow you to collect error-free information about the effectiveness of your advertising activities almost immiately. Don’t waste your time analyzing misconfigur conversions that, if misinterpret, can bring real financial losses.

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